Hippie Style of the 1960s Reworked into Boho Style of 2015

True hippie style of the 60s was so incredibly heartfelt and authentic. In my town of Hoboken, NJ during the late sixties and early seventies we were more of a combination of Woodstock and a Bronx Tale style hybrid. Hippie style was definitely low maintenance when it came to hair and makeup. Very earthy and natural. Clothes became a lot looser and flowy like peasant tops and gypsy style maxi skirts. Hip hugger bell bottoms like Landlubber paired perfectly with a tee or little halter top. Paisley, tie dye and florals were the patterns of the day and flowers in the hair were the adornment to wear as noted by the Cowsills. I loved the handmade clothing of the 60s like macrame tops and crocheted ponchos. One of my best friends crocheted me a poncho in the most fabulous shades of purple. It had a dual use, first as a fashionable wearable art and then ended up on my Mom's Baby Grand Steinway looking very old school bohemian. Jewelry gave more than a nod to the peace sign and beads were everywhere.

Bringing hippie style into 2015 takes a bit of imagination. The macrame and crocheted tops of the 60s have given way to beautiful blouses with white lace and delicate patterns worn loose and paired with denim jeans in a very modified bellbottom or shorts. Caftan dresses are above the knee and seem quite a bit more modern looking with see through gauzy material and studded with gold and silver twinkling embroidery. The floral crown is back and we do our rendition with vintage millinery flowers, crystals, pearls and bits of fantasy findings. We love to pair these with the ethereal caftan dresses. At our boutique our modern hippies love vintage ethnic jewelry and our collection of crystal zodiac earrings and pendants. The hamsa hand and evil eye are particularly popular with modern day hippies. The maxi gypsy skirt of the 60s is still well and alive but instead of paring it with a tiny halter top we see it worn with a simple demure (or not so demure) tank.

The incense of 1960s has transitioned into the incredible scent of Diptyque Candles in what else but Patchuli scent of course. What 1960s hippie or modern day hippie doesn't love the incredibly heady scent of patchouli? Some things just never change.

You've Got (Chain) Mail: Whiting and Davis Designs

Sometimes the best fashion moments fall out of the sky. Or in this case, stroll through the door. 

On a recent crisp, Boulder fall afternoon family friend Duke came into Frisk with a paper Whole Foods bags (this is Boulder after all...) Naturally, we were intrigued by the contents- kale salad on delivery? No...Much to our delight and surprise inside was an exquisite collection of 1960s, metal crop tops and dresses. Duke and his wife, Joan, are tres chic. He's former New York City architect and she had a long career at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (where she has rubbed elbows with likes of Karl Lagerfeld). The couple was relocating back to the East Coast. Duke thought long and hard about whom to bestow his creations upon, and decided to entrust us with the beautiful chain link tops, skirts and dresses constructed from classic Whiting and Davis material in the 60s. While working as an architect in Manhattan, Duke wandered in to the interior design department and saw this unique metal material being used for ultra mod squad curtains. 

 Whiting and Davis was founded in the late 1800s by three men outside of Boston. They were the first designers to transform metal mesh into fabric creating a mesh machine in 1912. Their beautiful purse designs are iconic, as are there snake jewelry and silver and gold bangles, baring their name.

Dresses made from metal got their start in the sixties. Paco Rabanne constructed his first dresses from metal and also plastic materials to produce a futuristic mod look. Duke took bulk amounts of fabric and opening and closing hundreds of prongs, meticulously crafted the pieces into incredible dresses and crop tops- several of which have graced the window of Lord and Taylor over the holiday season. Between the gorgeous designs he left at our store, and bulk the chain link fabrics of Whiting and Davis in gold, silver and copper for our own jewelry creations, we all were so excited for Frisk to have inherited such rich fashion history.

Duke not only left his designs, but old tools and detailed written instructions on how to make the clothing itself (which included an alarming highbred of fashion and...Math). What’s so striking is how modern everything looks. We love the plunging backs on the dresses and tops, and the rich metallic color palette of the Whiting Davis material. The silver dress needs only a pair of chandelier earrings to accessorize and the tops can be paired with a maxi skirt or knit cap to make it your own.

 Silver chain dress 

Silver chain dress 

 1960s Photo shoot 

1960s Photo shoot 

 Duke's family friend getting her dance on- 1960s polaroids 

Duke's family friend getting her dance on- 1960s polaroids 

 MOMA design guide 

MOMA design guide 

 1960s chain metal catalog 

1960s chain metal catalog 

 Fresh take on 1960s designs- metal crop top gets a glam grunge makeover. 

Fresh take on 1960s designs- metal crop top gets a glam grunge makeover. 

Denver's Top Taco: Celebrate summer in style.

The taco craze has reached new heights in Denver and Boulder, where both the specialty/fusion and the authentic Mexican taco are experiencing newfound popularity, despite being a beloved food staple for many of us Colorado natives for years. As locals and taco enthusiasts ourselves, it probably comes as no surprise that the Frisk senoritas were elated when we found out about Denver’s first ever  Top Taco, a taco and marg competition on Thursday, June 26 at the Sculpture Garden at The Denver Performing Arts Center.   

What to expect: Delicious tacos from more than 20 restaurants, music from Sambadende (a Boulder-based band definitely worth checking out), and—of course—a tequila/margarita tasting. Arriba! 

Why we love tacos: well, they don’t just have flavor, they have flava. It seems to me that no two are ever the same, regardless of whether it’s a traditional street taco served with small white-corn tortillas, a perfectly cooked protein (fried Baja fish, carne asada, even grasshoppers) and simple toppings like jalapenos and radishes or a more creative, fusion-style found at some of Colorado’s newer restaurants. Either way, they always seem to be perfectly accessorized and easily customized to our tastes. Ah, don’t food and fashion have so much in common? It’s the very same each-is-unique concept that makes vintage so appealing to my senses.  

In honor of TopTaco, we searched through our archives for some of our in-theme favorites and emerged with 1960s and 70s Mexican peasant dresses and blouses, 1970s zodiac boots, and lots of vintage turquoise.  The embroidered detailing, vibrant colors, and lightweight fabrics make these picks so fun and wearable for summer 2014 (not to mention a flowy silhouette is great for eating when you really mean business … ehem, Thursday). 

As for which style (of taco) comes out on top, the competition is stiff. A few on our radar: The Source’s Comida, which specializes in ingredients like smoked gouda and sweet potato mash; a flavor-packed quartet from chef/restaurateur Richard Sandoval, including La Biblioteca, La Sandia, Zengo, and Tamayo; our long-time stomping grounds The Rio and Illegal Pete’s, the location of some of the photos shown here; Pinche Taqueria, the food truck that opened a brick-and-mortar location to bring authentic street tacos to the Highlands neighborhood; and one of Troy Guard’s latest restaurants, Los Chingones, which uses creative proteins like octopus and lamb neck. Fittingly, there are two categories: Top Traditional and Top Creative. Click here for a complete list of restaurants competing. 

We are most definitely ready to eat and drink. Now … what to wear? 

Top Taco is this Thursday, June 26 from 5:30- 9:30 for VIP and 6:30-9:30 GA. Sorry kids, this event is 21+. Denver Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Center, Speer Boulevard between Araphoe & Champa. Use code DAVTOPTACO2014 for 25% off your tickets! 

Photographed at Illegal Pete's on The Hill and the Flatiron Mural 

Cowgirl Up! Frisk Vintage & American Cowboy.

It's the holiday season! While you've been spending the fall tallying up who is naughty and who is naughtier (nice is a bit passé these days) we've been traveling around the west collecting vintage, hand tooled leather pieces. These unique, one of a kind make a great gift for any enthusiast of the wild west. Two of our Frisk Vintage hand tooled leather items are included in the American Cowboy holiday gift guide!American Cowboy

We're always excited to see our line in action, and around the same time our items were running in American Cowboy, our friend Jill Carter asked for Western pieces for a shoot she was working on. Shot on location in Fort Collins, Colorado, western wear never looked so good!

Frisk Vintage Hand tooled leather purse

Spirit of the Southwest


Frisk Vintage hand tooled bag

How the west was won

CREDITS Stylist and MUA - Jill Carter - www.commoncouturestyle.com Model - Victoria Olana - http://www.maxtalent.com/models/model.cfm/Victoria-Olona/0/id/375 Photographer - Robert Hawthorne - http://www.robhawthorne.com/ Hair - Riley Vinnola - http://fluffbar.org/

Frisk Jewelry Holiday Fashion Shoot

For holiday 2012 we drew from an inspiration that often moves us: The vintage cameo. Elegant and sleek, these vintage silhouettes are often incorporated in our classic jewelry. This season we paired the cameo with unlikely elements ranging from raw crystal to heavy spikes and chain for a look that is more rock and roll than prim and proper. We envisioned a gothic old mansion full of lovely, bespoke relics and from there we designed our lion statement pieces. A standout item is the Crystal Knuckles Lion Ring: a fierce lion holding a chunk of crystal in it's mouth.

For our holiday photo shoot we wanted a dark, romantic spread with bold jewelry, soft elegant hair and fresh skin and bold lips. Shot on location in our Boulder, Colorado jewelry store our team created a  beautiful spread highlighting our holiday jewelry.


Photography- Laura Stafford

Hair- Joshua Lorenzen for the West End Salon

Model: Kayla Cook

Makeup- Frisk

Jewelry and Styling: Frisk Jewelry

The Whimsical World of Emmakisstina

When we set out to create our new website, we knew we wanted a whimsical fashion illustration to complement the Frisk vibe. It had to be cheeky, fun, stylized and, most importantly, fabulous. We searched the web, looking for someone whose work mirrored our aesthetic—the girly-art version of our jewelry.

We happened upon her nail polish (and lip stick and Louboutin prints)  we were totally smitten. The three of us sent a flurry of emails to each other. Subject: "We HAVE to have this on our site." Subject: "YES!"

Kristina Emma Hultkrantz is an American-born illustrator and self-described "dreamer, dancer, dog lover, doodler, domestic goddess, and a major girly girl" who is now based in Sweden. Her super girly style is "ohhhh" and "ahhh" inducing. Each and every one of her prints would be a lovely addition to a bedroom or boudoir.

Kristina custom produced an image incorporating our jewelry and the quintessential "Frisk" shopper—fun, fabulous and fashionable (note: There was nearly a moratorium placed on the word "fabulous" during the writing of this blog post, but seriously, her artwork IS).

To follow her blog and see all the lovely things that inspire her click here: http://emmakisstina.blogspot.com


Here are some of our favorite illustrations, but there are so many lovely ones it's hard to pick! Wouldn't these be so great hanging in a bedroom, bathroom or dressing room? Check out http://www.emmakisstina.com for more great prints!