Hippie Style of the 1960s Reworked into Boho Style of 2015

True hippie style of the 60s was so incredibly heartfelt and authentic. In my town of Hoboken, NJ during the late sixties and early seventies we were more of a combination of Woodstock and a Bronx Tale style hybrid. Hippie style was definitely low maintenance when it came to hair and makeup. Very earthy and natural. Clothes became a lot looser and flowy like peasant tops and gypsy style maxi skirts. Hip hugger bell bottoms like Landlubber paired perfectly with a tee or little halter top. Paisley, tie dye and florals were the patterns of the day and flowers in the hair were the adornment to wear as noted by the Cowsills. I loved the handmade clothing of the 60s like macrame tops and crocheted ponchos. One of my best friends crocheted me a poncho in the most fabulous shades of purple. It had a dual use, first as a fashionable wearable art and then ended up on my Mom's Baby Grand Steinway looking very old school bohemian. Jewelry gave more than a nod to the peace sign and beads were everywhere.

Bringing hippie style into 2015 takes a bit of imagination. The macrame and crocheted tops of the 60s have given way to beautiful blouses with white lace and delicate patterns worn loose and paired with denim jeans in a very modified bellbottom or shorts. Caftan dresses are above the knee and seem quite a bit more modern looking with see through gauzy material and studded with gold and silver twinkling embroidery. The floral crown is back and we do our rendition with vintage millinery flowers, crystals, pearls and bits of fantasy findings. We love to pair these with the ethereal caftan dresses. At our boutique our modern hippies love vintage ethnic jewelry and our collection of crystal zodiac earrings and pendants. The hamsa hand and evil eye are particularly popular with modern day hippies. The maxi gypsy skirt of the 60s is still well and alive but instead of paring it with a tiny halter top we see it worn with a simple demure (or not so demure) tank.

The incense of 1960s has transitioned into the incredible scent of Diptyque Candles in what else but Patchuli scent of course. What 1960s hippie or modern day hippie doesn't love the incredibly heady scent of patchouli? Some things just never change.