All that is gold does not glitter...Except on New Year's Eve!

In every fashionista’s closet is the perfect LBD (that’s little black dress in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 100 years). New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to premier a new frock- or an old frock with new accessories. Yet, the new year calls for something with a bit more pizzaz than just a normal night on the town. You’re setting the tone for twelve calendar months. A lot of pressure? Perhaps. But you’re a pressure performer. The perfect way to liven up a New Years outfit is with a bit confetti inspired sparkle. Here are our nine must have picks to get 2015 off to a great start (and three fab black dresses that will work far past January 1). 

1. Gold Star Ombre Headband, Little Blue Olive, $22. The perfect compliment to an open back dress? A messy bun. The perfect compliment to a messy bun? Little Blue Olive’s Gold Star Ombre Headband. The headpiece is whimsical, yet fashion forward and adds a bit of Ethereal Jem and the Rockers pow to a black dress. We're in love with every color option. 

2. Spike Shine Earrings, Frisk Jewelry, $74. A modern update to classic bling. Layers of white rhinestone with neon spikes, a singular pop of jewelry “wow,” these statement earrings will probably party longer than you can. All out earrings are 40% off now through Jan. 2 with code SHINEON40. 

3. Watt’s Up, Benefit Cosmetics, $30. “You’re just glowing!” Literally, if we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard this we’d have enough dollars to buy a lifte time supply of Watt’s Up. Without a doubt the BEST highlighter we’ve ever tried. It’s iridescent and dewey finish are long lasting and natural looking. It’s like insta photo shop. Score! 

4. Truly-mh Booties, Jeffrey Campbell, $134. Fine, we will grin and bare (pun intended) a night sans opaque tights on New Year’s Eve. But exposed toes is where we draw the line. Jeffrey Campbell’s gunmetal booties add a touch of rocker chic to a black dress, and keep your feet warm and ready to dance. 

5. Sequined Jacket, H&M, 59.95. This H&M sequined jacket it practically the most impractical way to keep warm. And that’s why we love it. Reasonably priced, it’s a fun coat that adds some winter wonderland/ studio 54 glam to your outfit. 

 6. Charlotte Tilbury, Eye Makeup Tutorial. Step away from the glitter eye shadow. We REPEAT: Step away from the glitter eye makeup. Nothing is a worse party foul than red, sore, guinea pig eyes. And nothing will ensure this outcome faster than a rogue glitter chunk in the cornea. Charlotte Tilbury offers up sophisticated and party ready makeup in her fabulous (and easy to follow) online tutorials.

7. Glitter Nail Polish, Deborah Lippman, $20. One place glitter is allowed in cosmetics: Nails. This dark, rich, nail hue adds a bit of disco ball coolness with chunks of bright flecked glitter. Especially great for champagne toasts. 

8. Sparkly Champagne Bottles, Kelly Go Lightly. What’s more glam than champs? How about GLITTER CHAMPS. Yes, that’s right. You can easily transform a plain old blah bottle in a party centerpiece with Kelly Go Lightly’s adorable DIY tutorial. Cheers to that!

9. Sequin and Confetti Glitter Clutch, Luna on the Moon, $95. Oh. My. Stars. If Lisa Frank was a purse it would be this one. If your five year old girl fashion aspirations were a fashionable and cheeky purse, it would be this one. This small purse is like a wearable disco ball and snow globe wrapped into one...With enough room for a lipgloss, iPhone and credit card. 

So crank up the tunes, rev up the cocktails and hit the town!