Frisk & The Allure of Southwest Spirit Jewelry

Why do we love southwestern jewelry at Frisk Accessories? Is it the spirit of the Southwest? Or something else? 

As a Jersey girl I was definitely raised to adore my bright gold jewelry so very much. Rings (including my engagement ring) necklaces and, of course, bangle bracelets have always given a nod to my teenage years back in Hoboken. I feel oh so very comfortable in them- every Jersey girl loves her gold! But then we moved to Colorado and raised both of our girls in the mountain town of Boulder. And in Boulder began our story of appreciating the incredible beauty of southwestern jewelry. 

Turquoise is a staple in the design of jewelry from the southwest. The vibrant color of the stone along with it's history is a powerful draw. Turquoise represents the sky, water, health and harvest and can range from a bright blue to a blue green hue. The stone gets its color from metals in the ground which accounts for the incredible variety- this spiritual stone is never a bore. Way way back in time turquoise was referred to as sky stone from the Great One. In America turquoise was mined in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and of course the little mining towns of Leadville and Manassa in Colorado.


Our very favorite piece of southwestern jewelry is the squash blossom necklace. First constructed by the Navajo tribe and eventually by the Zuni and Hopi this masterpiece was created in the late 1800s and was first made only out of silver. When turquoise mining became more popular this incredible stone was added. Flower like blossoms, five to seven are on either side of the necklace looking like little pomegranate blooms. Some say this necklace design is a symbol of southwest agriculture. Wearing this necklace immediately gives an incredible southwestern and dramatic look to a simple tee shirt and jeans or a fitted maxi.

Here at our boutique in Boulder we love every single southwestern turquoise and silver ring that we own. Wear just one or stack them on several fingers mixed with our motorcycle and lion rings. They’re especially great with a Navajo inspired vintage sweater or lace dress. So pile on that silver and turquoise, get in your jeep and explore the deserts and mountains of the southwest in style. 

Thanks to our friend Nichole for modeling her Southwest style. Photographed on The Hill