Frisky Finds: Fashion Trends, Gifts and More

Turkey day is on the horizon...And you know what that means- sweatpants! Gravy! Gravy laden sweatpants! (because nothing says "fashion" like a drawstring waistband). Okay, maybe not. There is a chill in the chair, and this week's Frisk Finds have nods to the holiday. 

Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas, $2.99, online or at local King Soopers or Whole Foods Markets. I have a condition. I'm not proud of it, but it's something I need to acknowledge: I'm a holiday tea hoarder. I feel better now. Every holiday season it's fever pitch, searching high and low for Celestial Seasonings holiday teas (which I might add, typically sell out quickly). There is nothing more delightful than Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride-it's literally a warm, inviting cup of sugar cookie sans (forbidden) white sugar. All the grandmas and I were feverishly ransacking the display, and you'll be happy to know I prevailed the victor, with 30+ boxes. These lovely teas are elevated to delicious heights when consumed out of fancy, vintage China. Now all we have to do is ration through next Christmas. 

Jill Carter Stylist, Instagram and Blog. Not many people can pull off daily posts about a trip to Paris with their daughter and not have it come off as...Well...Boring. Yet, we at Frisk were collectively enthralled by Jill's whimsical, beautiful, and delightful posts about her adventures with daughter, Ava. Fashion, macaroons and fashion- all caught under the dreamy, rainy Paris sky. Jill captured the experience with the eye of a seasoned photographer, you felt like you were there with the Carter's. Jill is a fashion stylist and wardrobe consultant with a simple (yet often difficult to attain) vision- make every day women look fabulous and chic- something she always manages to do. 

Plaid Infinity Scarf, $26-$32, Freckle Face Monday. Thanksgiving weather is finally here. Chilly, and brisk (a far better improvement from the subarctic temperatures of the previous week's weather). Now you can actually be stylish and functional without having icicles perpetually residing in your socks. In keeping with the current lumbersexual trend (the lady version) Freckle Face Monday scarves are fashionable, comfortable and liven up a fall ensemble with a touch of essential plaid. Handmade in Wisconsin by sisters Angie and Kay (yay family business!) the scarves are unique, with an eye for design and quality. 

Crystal Spike Ring, $70, Frisk Jewelry. There's one Thanksgiving bun left on the table. You're eyeing it. And so is another family member. As you both lunge for it, the Crystal Spike ring is not only a fashion statement, but a bit intimidating to anyone who tries to cross you during dinner. These crystal quartz and sterling silver rings are limited quantity, and a favorite in our store. They can be worn alone, or stacked, and add a bit of ring bling panache to your paws.