Rocking the Seventies: A Fashion and Music Memoir

     Meeting my husband Lou in 1973, and getting married in 1974, gave me just about enough time to rock the 1970s fashion boat for 6 years until I settled down, and morphed into a stay at home Mom sporting Guess sweatshirts and acid wash jeans. Oh how I miss the days of receiving hot pants and halter tops for my 21st birthday. I can barely fit my pinkie finger into that particular selection of clothing, but of course I kept all for posterity and my girls have gotten plenty of use out of them for disco parties in high school. Ok, when I think of seventies fashion for myself I remember the 5 inch platform heels (and, of course, falling in them while on a walk with Lou in Philly). Halter tops, bell bottoms, hot pants, semi belly shirts were all quite the style.

1970s fashion and style

     In the early seventies I also loved my black fake patent leather coat. I was  wearing it when someone asked if I was a street walker while I was waiting for a bus on 42nd street in NY for a half hour during gridlock. Classy! When I told the guy I wasn't, he offered to take me out for a glass of milk instead of a drink (perhaps the coat was a bit more ostentatious in retrospect than I thought at the time). That coat was not kept in the fashion mix. Big button earrings gold hoops and ribbons with cameos as a necklace were the accessories of the day. Lou was prompted (by me) to wear huge bow ties or huge wide ties in general, polyester pants and printed shirts with big pointed collars- oh my goodness! Styly.  But in my defense he said he liked the choices at the time. Think Saturday Night Fever mixed with Jersey Shore.

       The music of the day for us was Archie Bell and the Drells, Kool and the Gang, Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown and the Four Tops. James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young were incredible as well. I would listen to these tunes while getting ready for a night on the town. My music taste, like my style, was eclectic and reflected the feelings of the time.

      The mid and early seventies have always reminded us of some very good times! 

Thanks to Albums on The Hill for letting us snap some great album covers.