Spring Fashion: Our Favorite Looks from Spring 2015

It might be winter (technically, according to the weather man) but for us, it’s practically Spring. With collections arriving months in advance it’s hard not to perpetually plan your upcoming looks months in advance). 

In fashion there is always a bit of a juxtaposition: What we love and are drawn to, versus what we actually wear in real life (and let’s leave out the overarching bummer: What we can actually afford). 

In no greater way was this evident than in the Spring 2015 collections. We couldn’t help but be enamored by the ethereal, floral dresses of Blumarine and the pops of color and prints at Chanel. Yet, from a wearable standpoint the all black everything looks at Versus Versace translate in to an easy night out meets rocker chic look. 

Overall, the looks that we loved most were that of Donna Karan. One couldn’t help but think of vintage Sophia Loren, repurposed for a modern audience. As the show notes declared it’s “Time to show your colors and paint the town with urban chic.” Perfection for a fancy power brunch in Manhattan (or Denver). The bra tops showed a bit of stomach in a look that was chic, not at all vulgar, and seemingly quite wearable for a current fashionista. 

Inspiration for Spring 2015 was abundant in the collections: A pop of color, a whiff of floral, of a sliver of stomach, all to punctuate chic, black statements. 

All images courtesy of style.com