The Vintage Set

“Matchy-matchy” outfits are all the rage. Rocking a bold set can be quiet the statement, only for the true fashion savvy. New streamlined sets are flooding fashion websites, but you cannot deny the higher quality of a  vintage set, it is blatantly apparent. Whether these two-piece sets are solid, printed or sheer each offers a unique take on the resurfacing fashion trend. Women’s suiting has grown in popularity and we continue to see it evolve through runway shows this past NYFW 2015 by designers like Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schouler and Carolina Herrera. 

I freshened up one of Frisk’s very own treasured vintage set. This orange, plaid get-up immediately caught my eye. Its undeniable 70s vibe is crazy, yet inspiring. I love a challenging piece - something that makes me wonder how I can wear it. Making a seemingly outrageous outfit seem totally chic and casual is an art and with the right styling it can be accomplished. The structured blazer is cropped to create the perfect proportions with the high waist bellbottom trousers.  

History lesson: Bellbottoms, which originated from early 19th century naval uniforms, became a hit on the fashion scene in the mid 1960s. The flared pant has taken on an iconic status, symbolizing the era of 60s and 70s high fashion and hippie culture.  

On my wrist I am wearing a Frisk gold cuff with an neutral-toned stone. The bright colors of orange, blue and yellow in the suit pair nicely with the understated gold bracelet, but it is proportionally sized to make a statement. Around my neck, I put on a gold chain necklace to match my gold bangle. The simple vintage jewelry helps to not overwhelm the look, keeping it aesthetically pleasing and cohesive. On my feet, I slipped on a pair of wooden platform mules covered in black mohair. The mixture of woven plaid and mohair adds a playful dynamic to the outfit. This matching set is incredibly retro and quirky but made wearable and modern with proper accessorizing. 

Snap a photo of you in your set of choice, accessorized to the nines and tag @friskboutique in your Instagram post. 

Keep it Frisky- Rachel, Frisk Intern