For Boulder, Colorado based Frisk Jewelry accessories are a family affair


In 2004, Donna Rubino and her two daughters launched Frisk Jewelry in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. Growing up near New York City, with a mother who never left home sans accessories (or lipstick), Donna always had an adoration for, and extensive knowledge about, vintage jewelry. She shared this love of old treasures with her daughters, and soon the ladies were designing contemporary, ultra-glam pieces based on beautiful heirlooms. Each Frisk piece is made with elements from the 1920s through the 1980s, coast-to-coast inspiration, a lot of love, and just the right amount of sass.

The designs were selling in boutiques around the country, appearing on celebrities including Mila Kunis and Nicole Richie, and gracing the pages of magazines such as Teen Vogue, Real Simple, Seventeen, and Health. 

“For us, Frisk isn’t just about design; our jewelry tells a story by combining elements from various places and times. We love knowing that people who wear our jewelry become part of its story and will appreciate it as much as we do. Get Frisked! ” –Donna, Jessica, and Amanda